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What is Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF) ?

What is Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF) ?

It is condition which affects people who chew tobacco like Gutka,Paan masala,Areca nut or Supari. It is characteristed by inability to open the mouth completely. This happens due progressive fibrosis of submucosal tissues and juxta-epithelial inflammatory reactions. It means inner cheek lining which is usually red or pink and stretchable turns into thick white hard like a parchment and become un-stretchable . In advanced stages there are fibrotic bands are formed which does not allow the mouth to open.

DISADVANTAGES : 1) Inability to eat normally as mouth does not open, there may be burning sensation in the mouth also. 2) It is precancerous condition i.e. This lining has tendency to turn into cancer, symptoms one should be watchful of any ulcer which is to healing, pain during opening the mouth, pain in the ear or during eating. White or red patch can also develop.

TREATMENT 1) Stop tobacco– most important in early stages as changes can halt and might revert back, in other stages a least it will not further progress. 2) Injection of local steroid with mouth opening exercise. 3) if these do not work then surgery has to be done,Co2 LASER incision followed by mouth opening exercise, or putting a flap or piece of skin taken after the excision

WHY IS THIS TREATMENT IMPORTANT ? If mouth opening is not good then, no examination inside mouth is not possible to look for any changes for cancer happening inside.

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